Dreamsdesign Partnership Program

The partnership program of Dreamsdesign offers three different partnership choices each personalized for particular business requirements of clients, small to medium-sized businesses, SME's to individual businessman. As strategic partners Australia, we look forward to lengthen and maintain business partnerships with those who like to be at the frontline of mobile and web technology. It not simply helps you in acquiring best quality end products but as well serves you with numerous benefits.

Strategic partnership

In this model, Dreamsdesign will work with you in joint ownership mode for every client project. You will serve as front-end marketing and sales group and Dreamsdesign will serve as backend development group to the clients for all projects.

Affiliate partnership

In this model, Dreamsdesign serves as an extension to your existing development center/group. You can simply outsource the entire development work to Dreamsdesign or may work in conjunction with Dreamsdesign developers to serve the client projects.

Reseller partnership

In this model, you can represent Dreamsdesign to market our products, services and solution capabilities anywhere in the world. You get commission for every successful client project closure.